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fluke training library demos videos app notes fluke - the fluke training library is your ultimate resource browse videos application notes product demos and other documents, thermal imaging techniques to survey and monitor animals - thermal imaging techniques to survey and monitor animals in the wild a methodology provides a manual for anyone interested in understanding thermal imaging and its usefulness in solving a wide range of problems regarding the observation of wildlife in the last decade the cost of thermal imaging technology has significantly decreased making the equipment more widely available, benefits of using thermal cameras for drones dronesglobe com - today we have a special treat for you guys we will be discussing thermal cameras and their applications in combination with powerful thermal imaging drones even though this type of combo isn t really what casual users want or even need for that matter it is still an important aspect that should not be taken for granted, thermal imaging for r d science applications - industrial r d thermal imaging cameras help developers study see and quantify the heat dissipation and thermal characteristics of their development projects, educate yourself on security cameras surveillance equipment - use of our system does not require any special training tools or too much effort on your part it s easy to install and even easier to operate, clarkvision digital camera review and sensor performance - introduction modern digital cameras contain electronic sensors that have predictable properties foremost among those properties is their relatively high quantum efficiency or ability to absorb photons and generate electrons, latest news starlight xpress ltd - about us we are a leading uk supplier of cost effective cooled ccd cameras and accessories for astronomy and industrial imaging we hope that you will find a camera to suit your application on the following pages, vwhpv long range camera ir laser infrared thermal ptz - long range camera system reduction of heat haze image stabilizer reduction of airborne interference e g fog rain sand smoke snow our camera system designed for long range surveillance 24 7 utilized the most advance optical sensors and lenses, multispectral imaging camera drones in farming yield big - multispectral camera sensors for agriculture let s take a look now at some of the latest multispectral imaging remote sensors the necessary software to analyse process and output the data and the compatible drones in which the sensor is mounted, starlight xpress from ian king imaging - starlight xpress has always been renowned for small compact innovative designs along with excellent build quality the new trius range of deep sky cooled ccd cameras has just taken these values to a whole new level, green building terminology building performance group - air changes per hour ach ach is an acronym for air changes per hour and is a measurement of air infiltration it is the total volume of air in a home that is turned over in one hour, qsi 6120 cooled ccd camera with 12mp sony icx834 - electronic shutter the qsi 6120 utilizes the electronic shutter built into the sony icx834 ccd image sensor to control exposures shutter timing is very precise and can range from as short as 100 microseconds up to 240 minutes, the best dslr cameras for astrophotography the soggy - astrophotography software compatibility canon cameras have a clear advantage over the competition in terms of the software available for controlling them from a laptop for ap purposes, cooled ccd camera quantum scientific imaging - innovative aesthetic body design small enough to practically hide behind a cd rom the medium format qsi 600 series family sets new standards for full featured high performance scientific ccd cameras, technology used in digital compact cameras canon global - canon s compact digital cameras employ lens units incorporating ua lens 2 elements that provide excellent expression while ensuring a compact camera body and canon s unique image stabilization technology is used in these ultra small precision units the proprietary ceramic ball support system is employed to drive the corrective optical lens element, spectroscopy solutions mid focal length imaging - 320 mm and 550 mm focal length high performance and versatile imaging spectrometers horiba s most popular and iconic spectrometers the ihr series build on decades of experience in spectroscopy and represent the highest quality performance and versatility of any spectrometer in this class, thermanator thermal residue based post factum attacks on - surface3 facing towards the cooling fluid i e a keycap directly exposed to ambient air which is described by the formula t t ts t0 ts e t wheret t is temperature at time t ts is temperature of ambient air t0 is initial object temperature and is the cooling constant of still non turbulent air over a 0 00024025m2 plane, international standards of practice for inspecting - 2 1 2 inspection the inspection is defined as the process of an inspector collecting information through visual observation during a walk through survey of the subject property conducting research about the property and then generating a meaningful report about the condition of the property based on the observations made and research conducted by the inspector, night vision device wikipedia - a night vision device nvd also known as night optical observation device nod and night vision goggles nvg is an optoelectronic device that allows images to be produced in levels of light approaching total darkness the image may be a conversion to visible light of both visible light and near infrared while by convention detection of thermal infrared is denoted thermal imaging, nac current members nac dotc org - a tech corporation d b a ata applied technology associates applied technology associates ata headquartered in new mexico provides advanced technology and products for directed energy weapons laser communications and space systems specializing in inertial navigation precision pointing and stabilization and controls systems, in vivo analysis techniques inicial ufrgs - imaging of inner structures nowadays there is a request for noninvasive techniques in diagnostics and hence invasive ones are restricted to presurgical examinations and interventional radiology projection reduction of dimensionality 2d maximum intensity projection mip a 3d image x y z projected into the x y plane by assignign the maximum intensity that can be found along the z axis, face recognition homepage databases - face recognition databases databases when benchmarking an algorithm it is recommendable to use a standard test data set for researchers to be able to directly compare the results