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the jews who run capitol hill real jew news - donate via mail brother nathanael foundation po box 547 priest river id 83856, aipac s wicked deeds on capitol hill real jew news - 181 comments brother nathanael april 5 2010 12 26 pm dear real zionist news family jews are in control of capitol hill as stated in the article 300 congressmen signed their oath of allegiance to the jews, history of the jews in the united states wikipedia - the history of the jews in the united states has been part of the american national fabric since colonial times until the 1830s the jewish community of charleston south carolina was the largest in north america in the late 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s many jewish immigrants left from various nations to enter the u s as part of the general rise of immigration movements, the jews who run congress real jew news - 90 comments brother nathanael july 7 2010 7 42 pm dear real zionist news family it is now in our faces jews have total control of our once christian nation isn t it disgusting, understanding parasitic jews subverted nation - see the fact is that jews are a race and they behave in a very tribal fashion the sayanim proves that all jews work very cohesively and that any jew will come to the aid of the tribe when needed the quote from newsweek above also helps drive this fact home, jews are not exactly human what subverted nation - christogenea is the main source of kike delaney s propaganda this christian identity british israelite white people are the real jews bullshit is pushed by ex felons like kike delaney and bill finckelstein, the racial slur database - slur represents reason origins 10 off jews refers to circumcision and consumerism never pay retail the term is most widely used in the uk where circumcision among non jews or non muslims is more rare but in the united states where it is more common it can be considered insulting to many non jewish males as well, beacon hill boston wikipedia - beacon hill is a historic neighborhood in boston massachusetts according to the 2010 u s census the population of boston s beacon hill neighborhood is 9 023 it is a neighborhood of federal style rowhouses and is known for its narrow gaslit streets and brick sidewalks today beacon hill is regarded as one of the most desirable and expensive neighborhoods in boston, christian zionists lobby for us attack on iran - what is christian zionism by rabbi haim dov beliak jewsonfirst july 31 2006 christian zionism is a movement within protestant fundamentalism that understands the modern state of israel as the fulfillment of biblical prophecy and thus deserving of political financial and religious support, what the alt right gets wrong about jews quillette - mark twain s explanation for jewish intellectual prominence was that jews have the best average brain of any people in the world though they make up far less than one percent of the world s population jews have comprised more than half of all world chess champions about a quarter of fields medalists in mathematics and more than a fifth of all nobel prize winners, jew watch jewish occupied governments united states - jewish overwheming participation in the new left from jews and american politics by stephen d isaacs doubleday company inc garden city new york 1977 pp 104 111 top of page harvard professor seymour martin lipset a sociologist has spent much time analyzing jewish participation in the new left, dc councilman who shared conspiracy theory that jews - a washington d c councilman who previously spread a conspiracy theory that a wealthy jewish family controls the weather left a tour of the u s holocaust memorial museum early without