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prince2 and pmbok how they compare interview girl s - a great resource keep up the great work we see more and more people every day looking to get the prince2 qualification and with over a quarter of a million people trained is a great choice as elizabeth says for any organisation, timeline of project management wikipedia - timeline of project management there is a general understanding that the history of modern project management started around 1950 until 1900 projects were generally managed by creative architects and engineers themselves among those for example christopher wren thomas telford and isambard kingdom brunel, example management products best practice lms - spoce project management ltd 2010 11 ho0347 1v6 doc page 1 of 60 managing successful projects with prince2 ogc apm group accredited event ukas apmg, tso shop over 1 million specialist books - tso shop offers over 1 million specialist books downloads software and subscription services vital to academics businesses and professionals alike, what is a service the it skeptic - the word service certainly gets some exercise itil v3 says a service is a means of delivering value to customers by facilitating outcomes customers want to achieve but without the ownership of specific costs and risks this impenetrable bit of consultant babble does not help those who are trying to grasp the fundamental concept, itil s dead elephant cmdb can t be done the it skeptic - get the book the it skeptic looks at cmdb available as a digital download for 7 95 or as a traditional book for 9 95 p p this book asks the hard questions about cmdb summarises why it is generally not a good idea and looks at the alternatives my thinking on this has evolved over time don t stop with this old post 2006