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postmodern philosophy and christian thought indiana - merold westphal is distinguished professor of philosophy at fordham university he has served as president of the hegel society of america and the soren kierkegaard society and as co director of the society for phenomenology and existential philosophy, s ren kierkegaard stanford encyclopedia of philosophy - s ren aabye kierkegaard b 1813 d 1855 was a profound and prolific writer in the danish golden age of intellectual and artistic activity, derrida jacques internet encyclopedia of philosophy - jacques derrida was one of the most well known twentieth century philosophers he was also one of the most prolific distancing himself from the various philosophical movements and traditions that preceded him on the french intellectual scene phenomenology existentialism and structuralism he, religious experience britannica com - religious experience religious experience specific experience such as wonder at the infinity of the cosmos the sense of awe and mystery in the presence of the sacred or holy feeling of dependence on a divine power or an unseen order the sense of guilt and anxiety accompanying belief in a divine judgment or the, rudolf otto fear and tremendum friesian school - rudolf otto 1869 1937 using jakob fries s epistemological scheme of wissen glaube and ahndung understanding belief and aesthetic sense to use kent richter s translation ruldolf otto expands the meaning of ahndung beyond the merely aesthetic by introducing the category of numinosity which is the quality of sacred or holy objects persons or experiences in religion, history of muslim philosophy al ghazali life and works - a history of muslim philosophy part 4 the middle roaders chapter xxx al ghaz l table of contents metaphysics life method attack on the philosophers, books of essays on heidegger - books with essays on martin heidegger in english, martin heidegger biography philosophy nazism facts - martin heidegger martin heidegger german philosopher whose groundbreaking work in ontology and metaphysics determined the course of 20th century philosophy on the european continent and exerted an enormous influence on virtually every other humanistic discipline including literary criticism hermeneutics psychology and theology, educational psychology interactive readings in - educational psychology interactive readings in educational psychology developed by w huitt last updated august 2018, from spiritual emergency to spiritual problem the - types of religious problems the most common examples of religious problems described in the clinical literature include loss or questioning of faith change in denominational membership or conversion to a new religion intensification of adherence to the beliefs and practices of one s own faith and joining participating or leaving a new religious movement or cult, john voris the difference between emotions and feelings - there is a difference between emotions and feelings learning the difference can provide you a greater understanding of yourself and the people around you, english john abbott college - in this course we will read three genres in american literature short stories poems and a novel edgar allan poe kate chopin eudora welty and kurt vonnegut will introduce us to gothic romanticism turn of the nineteenth century feminism racial discrimination during the segregation era and a dystopian view on equality