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the follow instructions test create and take quizzes - report this test the follow instructions test read all the questions before starting follow instructions and have fun really you have to read the instructions, how well can you follow directions justriddlesandmore com - how well can you follow directions preparation to take this test all you need is a pen or pencil an 8 1 2 by 11 piece of paper and a watch or clock for timing yourself after you take the test check the bottom of this page to see how well you did, impossible test follow the instructions game solver - impossible test follow the instructions the impossible test follow the instructions answer walkthrough solutions cheats for iphone ipad android kindle ipod touch and other device by pixelcube studios follow the instructions wait around 8 seconds and tap the green color board, free printable 5 minute directions quiz weareteachers - to help you create this experience i present the 5 minute directions quiz directions quiz students who follow the directions exactly will enjoy this activity more than those who don t, can you follow directions pc mac - follow directions directions you have five minutes to complete this test carefully read the entire test before doing anything in order to ensure the accuracy of this exam you should not use more than the allotted time of five minutes, test on following directions lesson earthlink - print out test 1 on following directions test1 htm test1 rtf make enough copies for every student plus a few spares print out a projection transparency with the instructions from the top and the bottom of the test, sample test instructions michiganassessment org - an answer sheet a pen or pencil 2 hours and 15 minutes of uninterrupted time a timing device such as a clock or stopwatch it is important that you follow the time limits given for each section so that you get practice working under timed conditions look at the test booklet as you listen to the instructions and the questions, a lesson on following directions worksheet - one good way to test their knowledge on leanring to following instructions is employing a lesson on following directions worksheet simply download and print a lesson on following directions worksheet for kids of all ages explain that you will be giving them a worksheet or activity to do but they must read the directions to do it, following directions quiz proteacher community - first test of the year read this whole paper first then follow the directions given you have 10 minutes to complete this test your teacher will be watching you and making notes of what you do so read carefully 1 write your name in the upper right hand corner 2 put the date in the left hand corner 3 write your age 4, here is a version of the classic follow directions quiz - title following directions by prairiegirl primary subject math secondary subject grade level 7 12 this is a great way to get your students junior high and above to learn to follow directions and read instructions